woensdag 16 november 2011


Tomorrow (?)
Tomorrow at 8 AM I will definitely be sitting behind my laptop checking H&M's website. Every year when H&M is presenting it's designer collection, I can't seem to come through the crowded website. Let's just hope that for once I am lucky, because I really would be happy if I could catch this:

This weekend
Last week I ordered a new - very much needed- parka from nelly.com which I hope to be finding on my doormat this weekend

This holliday
I really hope that Santa ordered the black, leather finish, jeans from Mango's online shop in time, because I just saw it was sold out online ;-)

This year
What to be wearing for the hollidays? I am already picturing myself celebrating New Year's in this:

This winter
Most certainly a man repeller, but they stole my heart: MOUs! As my UGGs are ruined (the zipper broke!) I am considering buying a new pair of shoes to keep me company during the coldest days of the year. I am thinking about buying the grey ones.

Next year (?)
So much looking forward to my trip to London at the first weekend next year! I can't wait to browse the Tory Burch boutique. What to get? Probably the classic revas :-)


maandag 14 november 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog! At this blog I will post my outfits, fashion items and more! I hope you will enjoy it!

Cardigan: H&M
Top: Vero Moda
Pants: Pieces
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: New Look