maandag 12 december 2011

On a holliday

When going on a holliday, I always pay extra attention to my wardrobe. The weather can be totally different from what I am used to (extremely hot and humid or cold as ice) and daily life also looks completely different (walking marathons in cities of days or days of laying on the beach and cocktails at night). See below how I "cope" with these differences.

Spring city trip to NY

During my first time in New York a few years ago, the weather was perfect for wearing light layers. The long walking distances made me buy a pair of UGGs, which made the trip a lot more comfortable!

Temple hopping in Cambodia

Temple hopping in Cabodia equals heavy excercising! As the weather was already humid, I had no choice but putting my hair back and wearing shorts with a tank top!

Culture and beaches in Barcelona 

Barcelona is the perfect city to combine both relaxing and cultural activities. When making a bus tour I really needed to wear a cap to protect my hear from the wind and face from the sun.

Winter in Berlin

Wow, It was really cold in Berlin last year! This fake fur head was an attempt to keep me warm. To conquer the large ammounts of snow (mud!) I wore my rubber boots with leg warmers.

Relaxing in Mexico

I think Mexico is absolutely perfect to relax on the beach, the sun is always shing and the weather is not to humid! This year's trend of bright colors was great for this holliday!

Shopping in Singapore, sightseeing and relaxing in Thailand

I don't think that my suitcase was ever heavier when coming back from a holliday. On our trip to Thailand and Singapore, I took lots and lots of clothes (mostly dresses, heels and flipflops). But when discovering the malls in both countries I came back with even more stuff..


I think this is my favourite outfit which I wore on a sightseeing trip in Vietnam this year. The shorts are maybe my best buy this year: I still wear it now that it has gotten colder with tights and a blouse.  

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  1. My fav one is from mexico! You look so beautiful, and the peach colour suits you incredibly well!
    And I'm pretty much in love the way you channeled France inspired beret in NY! What can be more chic than Parisian look in THE city!:)
    The striped top you wore in Cambodia is absolutely pretty, feminine yet modern!
    And of course the fur hat you wore in Barcelona rocks! I'm looking for the same :)))

    All in all...LOVE the looks;)