donderdag 1 maart 2012

Beauty Favourites

As I feel the use of beauty products can also be seen as part of your style, I thought it would be nice to share some of my absolutely favourites with you. These are products I discovered after years of "research" and which I use an (almost) daily basis.

1. My all time favourite perfume: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I have been wearing this for years now and even though I like to try out other perfumes now and then, I always come back to this scent.
2. I actually just discovered the Make Up Forever HD foundation, but I am already very attached to it!
3. This Body shop lip gloss is pretty neutral. I really like the consistency and I keep it in my purse at all times.
4. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzing powder is just perfect! I really like the colour, the fact that it doesn't shimmer and also that it actually smells like chocolate.
5.The Koh sensation shower foam smells delicious and feels great. Because you only need a little bit, even the smallest bottle will last you really long.
6. I have a vase full of OPI nail polishes (yes, a vase, it looks pretty :-)) I think the quality is great and the choice in colours is endless.
7. After reading a lot of positive reviews on Diorshow Blackout, I decided to go for it and I love it!
8. For my everyday protection I use Clinique Super defense day cream.
9. I think the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer is great to use at night time on dates etc. It has a creamy consistency and just gives you a more intense bronzed skin.

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  1. You write so good about beauty products! You obviously have an expert eye! Loving your choices! Especially the nail polishers! Okey, I'm addicted to yet:) And the vase!!! I'm so curious to see it! You should post some pics;)



  2. I got a burn-mark on my cheek after using Clinique products, auch :/

  3. Sounds like you have a great collection of make up. Love OPI Nail Polishes as well.

  4. 1) I prefer YSL's "Paris"
    2) I'm not really major on liquid foundation; I prefer powder foundation, i.e. Smashbox
    4) Woah--the Too Faced bronzer actually smells like chocolate? Mmm. Too bad, I'm trying to cut my cravings. :/
    5) Where can I buy the Koh and how much does it cost?
    6) I agree... OPI is the only nail brand that I truly trust and am loyal to! They have numerous shades and are top quality, from my experience. I don't have too many nail polishes, but the few that I own are OPI :)
    7) DiorShow mascara is my all-time fave as well! I naturally have long lashes, and the DiorShow mascara emphasizes it all the more... I love it! The only downside is that it costs $25 and I don't wear mascara often.
    8) Is the Clinique cream good for combination skin?

    I really enjoyed this.


    The New Outlet:

    1. Yes, the Too faced foundation really smells great!! I think it is worth the investment.
      I have combination skin and would definitely recommend the Clinique day cream. It is really "pure"
      Thank you for the nice response!