dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Twenty twelve started two and a half weeks ago

So my start of 2012 was absolutely hectic and has left me about zero time to blog. Now that I am finally settled back to my normal life I can start showing you what I have been up to.

My New Year started in Italy. We went there for a long weekend to enjoy Italian culture and do some shopping.

The amazing food market of Bologna.

 If only....

View from the hotel window.

Unfortunately I did not get a good picture of my New Years eve outfit. The dress I wore was this sprakly dress by Nelly. Even though I really like how the look turned out, I wasn't so happy with the quality of the dress. The morning after the floor of our hotel room was covered in sparks. 

After a short week of working in Belgium and going back home in the Netherlands, I took another plane which brought me to London..

Picture taken in a typical English pub. (Bouse by Zara)

Super nice cocktail from a "secret bar" in London with 20s style decoration and music (live band) and where they even served a cocktail in a steaming Henrick's gin teapot.

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  1. Those shoes are amazing;))hehe! I still think about them once in a while!:) And London, ah!...London was a blash! And I fell in love with that secret bar/club:) It was so great to have a weekend in London together;)